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    chris mabbott

      Seeing as most of the experience here is clock related and seeing as I know zip about clocks, only that they’re larger than pocket watches, I’ll ask the forum what should I look for if I buy a clock?

      The reason I ask is… There are quite a few markets around this area, I cruise them looking for PWs but I’ve seen loads of mantle and grandfather types. I can’t tell if they’re from the 1990,s or the 1790’s

      So how can I discern, on a quick visual, that something is worth buying?
      What do you guys look for in something that you’re not familiar with?

      Thanks, Chris


        Chris, I usually buy only clock that I want to see in my home. That way if I can’t resell them, I can still enjoy them. I think my favorite clock is the cheapest that I have purchased. I think I paid $1.00 for it at a garage sale. It is from the sixties. It is the Pillsbury helping hands clock (Pillsbury Dough Boy). It really isn’t worth much, but I like it. I think if you buy what you like, you will get more enjoyment out of them. Mahlon


          I second what Mahlon said but if you spot a french clock with the round movement go for it, they are beautiful and I love working on them. For your first attempt try for a timepiece but if not a strike will do. They are very well made, quite easy to work on and you can get almost anything you need for one from Cousins in the UK. The old smiths clocks are good too but I would be surprised if you found one in a market there.
          As for age just take your time and look at the inside of the case and the movement if you can. Look at the clocks on e-bay to get an idea of what you like, you can learn a lot from what comes up on there but dont always take the descriptions as gospel, some of those sellers have no idea what they are talking about.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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