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      I am brand new here (Silver Senior). I need to know where to start, what to watch (no pun intended).


        Welcome to the group Eric !!

        Wow…another watch guy…I was getting lonely lately !!

        Are enrolled in the Ultra horology course ?…or are you just needing some help with how to approach the basic material, ..tools needed, etc ?

        I can help with that


        Best regards,



          Hi, Randy,

          Thanks for answering. I am a total newbie. I know zilch about how a pocket watch works or what the parts are or what they are called. I own two very special pocket watches, one is 130+ years old, US made and works (after an expert fixed it). The other is 50 years old and is Swiss. It belonged to my father.

          How long does it take to get up to speed and be able to tackle a restoration project? What tools do I need? Are they expensive and where do I get them?

          And of course, how to start with instruction?

          Thanks in advance!

          Eric Vogt



            There are many ways to skin this cat.

            Bob put together a great article on tools…

            I think you can find it under the “FAQ”  tab just under the top picture on this page

            Get a pencil and a pad..start taking notes

            You need basic tools to start, tweezers, ( both antimagnetic steel and brass..3A is a good size to start with ) screwdrivers, good lighting, a good loupe or two.

            You do not have to spend a fortune. Don’t buy cheap, but don’t buy everything that Bergeon sells. You can upgrade tools as needed.

            A clean surface in an area that you can keep ( relatively ) dust free.

            You will want to eventually get into the Ultra Horology course…it’s excellent, and Bob is a really great teacher . ( He’s also a really nice guy BTW )


            Keep the questions coming. I enjoy dragging others into this craft…




              If you are comfortable with this, I can send you a PM on FB.

              I think I found your profile there, and it appears we are in the same state.

              No worries if you don’t want me to do that.

              I just thought I would offer, and we could talk shop to help you wade through the 1st steps.

              Randy Beamer


                Hi, Randy –

                Yes, please send me a PM via FB. I really appreciate your replies. So, you live in WA also? Whereabouts? I’m in Shoreline.



                  Will do !

                  I live in Davenport..over near Spokane and Lake Roosevelt.

                  I retired from Boeing in Everett a few years ago, and moved over to the other side.


                  I’ll contact you shortly



                    Thanks for the kind words Randy! Needed a bit of a lift this morning my friend, and that did the job.

                    Welcome to the forum Eric!

                    I’m sure you’ll find Randy to be an extremely knowledgable watchmaker with a gift for making complicated mechanical subjects clear, easy and fun. Just look up any of his past posts up here at the forum and you’ll see what I mean. Randy is always helpful and appreciated by all of us members who know him.

                    Thanks both, for being here!




                      Hey Bob…glad I could put a smile on your face my friend !

                      And thank you for the kind words in regards to my talent !


                      All the best



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