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      Hello, my name is Ted and this is my first time posting. I know this might be a difficult question to answer but, I’m wondering if anyone can tell me a rule of thumb on how much to charge to clean and oil and a mantle/shelf clock. Just a ballpark figure would be helpful! Thank you!


        Hello Ted,
        I read your post about a week ago and thought I would wait to see if anyone else could help. So after a couple days passed I decided to try and answer your question by putting my 10 cents worth up here. After I clicked the submit button I realized why the forum had been so quiet. Nothing happened, just got an error message. I emailed Bob and he let me know that he was in the process of trying to fix the forum. He sent me an email an hour or so ago letting me know that the forum was working again.
        I didn’t forget you. :)
        You are right it is a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors that come in to play. I only give estimates to my customer when the clock or watch is in my hands. When I’m asked for a ball park estimate over the phone I usually tell them between $350 to $500 for an average 8 day American shelf clock with the $350 being the rock bottom price but the upper $500 mark can be passed if there’s any damage beyond normal cleaning, oiling, replacing a few bushings, pivots needing polishing, mainsprings. Any broken parts that need to be made or any special attention can easily cause the price to rise past the upper limit.
        Where you are located also has much to do with what the most people will pay on average. Often the cost to restore a clock or watch is more than what the timepiece is worth but most of my customers don’t even care about that. Due to sentimental value they rarely flinch at my prices. We get pretty good prices where I live but then we pay pretty good prices for just about all necessities here. I suppose it’s a wash.

        I don’t know if this was helpful Ted. Lets see if this submit button works now.
        Hope so. Good luck. Dan

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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