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      Hi all
      I have been looking for a file rest for my IME English Watchmakers lathe here in the uk but have been unable to find one, the only ones I have seen are in the USA, so I decided the only option was to make my own.

      I purchased two oiled bronze bushes ( the only thing I purchased) 6.35mm id 10mm od I already had some 12X12mm steel but the main problem was how to cut the recessed part in the steel as I haven’t got a mill, so I decided to clamp two bits of steel together then clamp it in the drill press vice at work, then drill a hole through the centre of the two bits of steel starting small then progressing to bigger drills to the size I needed, the other parts I turned up on the watchmakers lathe using a graver as I don’t have a cross slide, threaded everything so the bearings can go on either side, total cost £5 and a bit of time.


        Well finished the first job that the file rest was for, had a missing nut on one of the finials.


          Just what I needed Torsion!
          My file rest is worn out and has seen it’s last days. The one you made above is beautiful.
          I’m going to try making one this weekend if I can muster up some time.
          Thank you for posting the pics.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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