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      Good Morning, Replacing a roller jewel, and having a little trouble holding on to it while I place it in the roller…. Any suggestions ??? Any help greatly appreciated !!! Thanks

      Bob Tascione

        Welcome to the forum Dave!
        Those roller jewels can be tough to hold on to. There are some tools out there that are helpful but I find it to be just as easy to (this is going to sound crude) lick (yes with my tongue…really..lol) the inside jaw of my tweezers and then touch it to the end of the jewel. The jewel will stick to it while positioning into the hole on the roller table from the underside. If you place the other jaw over the top of the table you can squeeze the jewel into the hole and the top jaw will then act as a stop. You can also lick a screwdriver blade and do the same. I find it easier with the tweezers.
        You asked!! LOL,
        Good luck Dave and again welcome,
        ps..I no longer recommend cleaning bench surfaces using this method as the splinters can be very difficult to remove.


          Hey Dave and Bob, It can be a splinter issue but it also helps clean off the green and black furry stuff on your tongue 😆 This is what I like here, the practical get the job done right without going through a 10 page report on how to do it with thousands of dollars in tools and sticky jewel holding goop, thank you Bob for your down to earth approach. (I do like buying good tools though) Bob I found J.M. Huckabees “top 300 trade secrets of a master clockmaker” for a reasonable price, he says in there that his favorite movement stand is a cardboard box or a roll of tape. A good read for anyone who hasnt already….I need to go buy some tape. I think this is a great idea for a seperate thread or a new spot to have new, workshop proven practical ideas, like Paul who used a zip tie for a small mainspring, (I think thats what he said he used) and each person documents them, sends them to you for approval and then you provide a all expense paid 2 week trip for everyone to come and visit you. ;) (I like steak)
          Have a great day guys, William


            Sounds like a great idea William, I like steak too :)

            Bob Tascione

              Hey Guys,
              lol…you had me right up to the very end of your posts. No steaks on this part of the Mexican coast though…only lobster! Too bad…Oh well.

              chris mabbott

                I accidentally landed on this old thread so I thought it deserved a resuscitation…. its ALIVE

                What I’ve been using is a little jig I made out of a toothpick, cut the point off, use a pin to make a jewel sized hole, cut a flat on one side of the pick and use a black marker to color the flat, this helps you to orient the jewel if its the D type. Then on my silicon tray, I push the jewel inside the end of the pick, about a quarter of its length and VIOLA a safe, easy and non- flying way to handle & mount your jewel.

                I have a little design to make a holder for the roller table so that it can be held, heated and mounted without so much messing around, I’m always wary about burning what little hair I have, in this case, my eyebrows lol

                William that’s an interesting idea and very true, about licking the tweezers, I did it one time, installed the jewel, then when I checked closely I’d inadvertently shellacked in a piece of egg from breakfast, I must say though that damn, those jewels are filling 😆


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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