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    chris mabbott
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    I found this cool piece of history. As many of you know, my other area of interest is militaria, namely the periods 1914-1945.
    I was quite surprised to find this neat little piece and I had to have it..

    I’m not one for themed out dials, but this one captured my interest because…

    1. The Illinois movement is dated to 1917 – Which was Americas official entry into WW1

    2. Official, commemorative pieces like this were awarded to certain military personnel.

    3. This is the official emblem of the US navy seals/USCG of 1917.. So the pieces match.

    4. During WW1 & before the official entry of the US in 1917, many US military personnel volunteered for service, thus donning the uniform of one of the allied countries, either Canada or Britain.

    5. Upon entering the war, officially, these volunteers, those that had survived thus far, were re-repatriated into their respective ranks/positions within the US forces. Officers of the cast, those that had distinguished themselves, and who now would return to Europe wearing their countries uniform, were awarded items such as this watch.

    Don’t forget that accurate time pieces were the RULE not the exception, especially when a coordinated attack, sometimes involving hundreds of thousands of men at once, across an expanse of 100s of miles. Everyone had to “go over the top” at exactly the same time.

    This particular dial is interesting because I’ve read about this, or other military emblems, on official pieces, that could be identified for the 3D effect. This one definitely has that 3D look and the detail is great, even from the dealers shot…

    So a bit of study is to be done when I have it in hand… I hope you guys enjoy this cool piece of history.. :)

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    That’s one fine piece.

    Let us know what your research finds.

    chris mabbott
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    Thanks Tom, I sure will, it’s nice to find the story about these pieces that we collect and restore, gives them a personal feel..

    I completely forgot to post a movement shot and details 😆

    lever set

    bernie weishapl
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    Cool piece Chris. Will be interested to see what you find out.

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