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        i apologize for the triple posting of this message, had trouble sending and had to refresh and resend! ;)

        david pierce

          First of all welcome to the forum and thank you for posting a comment. Do not be afraid to ask a question or post a suggestion even if is a wrong suggestion. An incorrect statement can cause the other members to think a little differently about a process or a mechanism and come up with a solution that was not previously thought of. If you are new to clocks and watches you will make many mistakes and break parts. All of us went through this and in truth there is no better way to learn. With watches knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.


            hey Peggy, welcome, not a problem with the posts, we have the worlds best moderators here. David has good advice but forgot 1 thing, by all means, Have fun ;) . William


              Welcome Peggy !
              Always nice to have more folks on the forum.


              bernie weishapl

                Welcome Peggy. Glad to have you.


                  Hey Peggy, welcome to the forum, and hello from Okla. All right guys there is a lady in the room, no more dirty clock jokes 😆 Mahlon


                    Hey Peg, nice to have you on the form. This answers a question that I had just ask Bob earlier this morn. “Are their any female members within this watch repair course”? Now I know. Good day and enjoy. :D

                    Bob Tascione

                      Good to see you up here Peggy!
                      Also was nice talking with you yesterday.
                      No problem with the extra posts. I deleted them just now. Takes a little while to get the hang of posting so don’t worry about messing things up. It usually just takes a few seconds for Paul or me to fix stuff.
                      Enjoy and again Welcome!

                      chris mabbott

                        Hi Peggy and welcome. Looking forward to your input. Are you a repairer or collector or both? What are your interests?



                          Good Morning! Gentlemen! WOW! I’m so touched by your greetings! :D

                          To answer all of your questions of who I am and my interests, I’ve always enjoyed and have been secretly fascinated with clocks. Back in the early 80’s, my landlord at that time was a Clock Doctor! I was given the privilege to work in his shop. I mainly greeting his customers, and it was my job to come in the mornings and open the Shop and wind all the clocks! It was such an interesting experience! I’ve always desired to own a big grandfather clock!

                          Anyway, my husband and I are planning to open a huge mufti-faceted business in the very near future. My husband Mike is a Gun Smith and I’ll be doing jewelry, stained glass work, and build clocks. He will be doing woodworking and metalwork. His gun smithing is mainly cleaning and repairs,restocking, stock refinishing, re-barreling, bluing, ammo reloading, and making obsolete gun parts. We will be able incorporate all these together using the lathes, milling and such. I am so excited to get started.

                          I got this course because I know I have a huge learning curve so I can get good at it so I can set those grandfather clock mechanisms so I can get them out in the public!

                          Our other purpose for this business, is that we are Christians and we want to reach out and help families who’s lost their homes and belongings through weather and other similar disasters by helping them replace their furniture, and most household items that we ourselves can make.

                          I enjoy doing things that are intricate and put them together. I’ve got a lot of patience! LOL!

                          Thank You for allowing me to be a part of this awesome horology family! I look forward in working with all of you! Blessings! :D


                            God Bless your endeavor Peggy. My wife and I do the same through our antique restoration business. We have people bring furniture to use that they don’t want to repair or haul to the landfill. We restore it and store it until we find some one in need. :D Mahlon


                              Hi Peggy,
                              nice to have you along, dont be afraid to ask questions, its what we are here for :)


                                Hello Peggy:

                                Welcome to the forum. It is really nice to have you here. And remember… no one can ask dumber questions than I.



                                  😆 Thanks guys! Me..never am afraid to ask questions! I may not be a “blonde”, but I have my ‘moments’! 😆 I might appear to be dense 🙄 sometimes, but y’all just gonna have to put up with me! :D 😆

                                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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