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      I needed to replace the (hour strike shaft on a 1933 vintage movement). However, the shaft was redesigned from the original 1933 version that had a bent wire instead of the crescent shaped piece that rides on the pin wheel and the bridge assy., adjuster that allows adjustment without separating the plates.

      Does anyone have one of these around that they can measure and give me the precise location to drill the mounting holes in the rear plate
      I can reassemble the movement and eyeball the location but I would rather not. . .

      I was given some pictures but before I drill, I would like to be a little more confident. Using that information I have laid out the perspective location of the (threaded screw hole) and per the picture I have it marked at 4-1/10″ from bottom of plate and 1/2″ from the shaft. (rule is 1/2″ wide)

      Henry Smith
      Lebanon PA


        Hey Henry, I love these older Herschedes. I cant help with dimensions. I would spend the time to temporarily set it up and test the function before drilling whenever possible. William

        Bob Tascione

          Hey Henry good to see you up here.
          I don’t have a movement either so can’t check the measurements but sure looks like you’ve got it.
          If you don’t hear from someone that can provide those dimensions then I would agree with William as far as doing some type of mockup and test first. Tolerences don’t appear to be too tight in this case.
          Is there any way to remove the locating pin from the bridge so you can butt it up against the plate for a test? If not then I think you can most likely go off your measurements. Also from what I see in your pics (good pics by the way) I would drill a slip fit hole for the locating steady pin first and then position and clamp the bridge onto the plate and then use the hole in the bridge to locate center for drilling the screw hole in the plate. Can use a hole transfer punch if you have one that fits or turn one up real quick. This might help verify that your scribed lines are accurate. Just a suggestion. Many other ways to do it especially if you have an accurate way to measure and then dial out the center distances on the plate.

          I know you’re just asking if anyone has this movement to get measurements off of and that you most likely already thought of all of the above and some but thought I would throw in my 2 cents in case others reading this might benefit.

          Anyway please let us know how it turns out Henry.



            Attached are pictures of my temporary set-up of the (hour strike bridge assy.) I transferred all of my measurements to the inside of the rear plate, removed the locator pin from the bridge assy. and used crazy glue to temporarily hold it in place to check the fit. So far it looks like it is going to be a workable solution.

            Now I need to disassemble the movement again, use a transfer punch to mark the holes (one at a time) for drilling of the locator pin and the attaching screw. I will follow up after this movement is back on the test stand and in operation to let you know if it was a success or a fail.


              Henry, like Bob said…great photos and description, looks like you got it. Just to say it out loud I see you had set it up with plenty of adjustment in either direction.
              Out of curiosity sake did you find the location any different than what you were thinking or seeing before? William


                As of now, no the location is the same as I had originally figured. But I was concerned because I was making my pencil marks on the back side of the plate. I was keeping my fingers crossed that when I transfer them to the inside of the plate everything would line up. later today I need to drill the holes, I have a couple house calls that I’m getting ready to head out for soon. Will let you all know how it’s working and back on the test stand.



                  Clock has been running since late Friday 8/19 and the new strike bridge and shaft set-up has been working great. My measurements worked out great; one thing with a set-up like this there is some room for error. I have recorded my measurements in my notes and if I ever get another Herschede with this set-up already on it, I will be curious to check the original measurements against mine.

                  Henry Smith Sr
                  Clock Repair
                  11 E Brookfield Dr
                  Lebanon PA 17046
                  NAWCC Member # 124228
                  NAWCC Keystone Chapter 158


                    Thanks Henry, great thread…William

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