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      Removed my hermle 1050 020 with floating balance, tripple chime to oil pivots… after reinstalling into case the clock is running about an hour fast per day and has no more range to reduce the speed any further. Was running fine before taking it out of case. I dont believe i touched anything that would have caused this. Ive read the drive train might be losing power and this can happen? Deteriorating main spring maybe? Also, the chime sequences are messed up now and the 3 chime selector is giving me issues, as well as the chime hanging up badly through its chime cycles.

      The movement is dated 81′ and im sure it hasnt been broken down for a proper cleaning and oiling. All pivots are within reason as far as wear… no obvious need of bushings.

      I am willing to break it all down and give it a run on cleaning. I hear these are finicky though and likely better to be replaced. I dont really want to replace it though… any suggestions as to what to look for? I found the hermle service manual. Considering reworking the unit. Can anybody help?

      Can provide pictures or videos if needed upon request.


      michael ciskowski

        You might check the spring in the balance closely. I have heard that if a couple of the coil are touching that the escapement will run fast. In essence it is shortening the spring. Good luck.


          Thank you for that, upon closer observation there certainly are no points in the spring above the balance that are making contact. Although, the plate with three prongs that controls the speed adjusment seems to be slightly lopsided at a single prong portion. Also, there are three micro fractures in the floating balance coiled spring… these fractures are right at the top of the spring. The little fractures are directly front and center behind the beat adjusting lever. They are in no way through the metal but the pad of my finger slightly snags on the split surface of the metal. I’m assuming, that being said, that the balance assembly needs an overhaul… which realistically means a new movement for 300$ or a balance assembly for 50$

          Seems like there is some pivot slop in a few locations with very little bushing damages. Powered down I can throw the pivots in a sloppy movement and see quite a distance traveled. Seems odd to me that the pivots are going, gone, before the bushings.

          Looked much closer at the chime tumbler and find the sequences hanging final notes of the hammer on the barrel. Played with single and double teeth adjustments front and back on the chime tumbler but a still all messed up. Couldn’t achieve effective movement chime or striking.

          After that I noticed the the chime barrel assemblies melody movement/adjustment shaft has a spring coiled around it for dampening the chime selection and holding the selection firm against its selection I would imagine? It seems like what’s actually happening is the barrel isn’t sliding quite far enough… maybe that spring is weak and not holding the barrel in appropriate location? Because if I slide the barrel closer or further toward either plate side the chimes work properly. The teeth are holding up the melodies laterally not vertically. The other melodies star teeth are catching the actual selected melodies star teeth.

          Not sure how to go about these adjustments…. think I will buy a new 1050 020 but I’d also like to tinker with this one and get it back on its feet. Doesnt seem soooooo bad.


            Hello, If the movement is a 1981 that has not been disassembled and cleaned ect… most likely that may be what your issues are. How much oscillation does the balance have? loss of power causing slow or small oscillation will cause it to run fast, that loss of power can be caused by worn pivot holes, worn pivots, old sticky oils, sticky or weak mainsprings…ect… @xxiaze wrote:

            pivot slop in a few locations with very little bushing damages

            sounds like bushings are needed though possible pivots worn, either way pivot work and a bushing. @xxiaze wrote:

            the sequences hanging final notes of the hammer on the barrel

            there is a intermediate gear that drives the pin barrel that (without seeing it cant be completely sure) should have a set screw to allow for a fine adjustment to the position of the pin barrel, this intermediate gear is mounted directly to one of the arbors that sticks through the plate. Have a great day.

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