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    I would just like to thank William & Bob for this course especially the Hermle video section, I had got my hands on a fairly modern Long-case/Grandfather clock, it was water damaged and non functional I thought Id have a go. It had a Hermle 451-050H inside and having never worked on a 3 train before it scared the pants off me ( I am new to clock repairs only 18 months but enthusiastic), I watched the course about 4/5 times even when I was working on the movement. After days went by it worked and now has a place in my hallway.

    So once again thank you for an excellent intuitive course.

    Larry Orr

      Really enjoyed the Hermle course and keep going back when I get stuck with a movement problem.  I removed the center cam on a 1050-020 movement before cleaning and once I started to reassemble found out I didn’t have a hollow punch deep enough to drive the center cam back on.  After thinking for a bit I ended up using a deep 5/16 socket and it worked great.  Since I don’t do lots of this type work I thought I’d share.


        Hello Larry. I am working on a Hermle 341-021 and don’t have punches either. I pulled the barrel of a ballpoint pen and used it as a punch. Actually worked so well that I put it in the tool holder on the desk for future use.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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