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    john baker

      Hello, my name is John Baker (Botlared). I am a new member to theclub and this forum.
      Currently working on model 341-020. The chiming levers and hammers are on left bottom of the plates.
      This is my 1st go at a chiming mechanism. The Hermle video was great and have learnt a lot from it.
      I do need some help please. The clock seems to chime ok but the 2nd lever in from the front does not complete its strike.
      The hammer seems to get stuck above the other hammers. Should I be looking for a bend in the lever or something else?
      Would love to hear from anybody with a possible solution.


      John Baker


        Hi John,
        Welcome to the forum.
        Covid 19 appears to have brought the forum to a screeching halt. I am just now beginning to inch back in to enjoyable activities to take my mind off of all the dark news!

        Is the cylinder pin clearing the lifting tail on the hammer in question? If it is not then the cylinder drive gear might need to be moved forward one tooth. This is an often encountered problem after assembly of the chime mechanism. If it does drop off of the pin then what you suggest about bending the hammer arm down a little or the stop tail (sorry I don’t remember the actual name) back a little to allow the hammer to move down as needed might be the answer.
        Hope this works for you. If not please let me know. I’ll keep an eye up here everyday now since being locked in the house is driving me crazy! Dan

        john baker

          Thank you for your advice Dan I hope this little note finds you in good health and humor. The Covid Virus has disrupted all of us. Here in Australia, everyone is locked in, except to go out for essential things, like food. I took your advice and rotated the cylinder drive gear. It worked a treat. So, I can return this clock to my friend( mate) being a clock chiming,striking and keeping good time.
          As a newbe to the forum I did have some difficulty in navigating my way around it. Thats why it has taken me so long to thank you. As for you going crazy, I was crazy long before Covid 19. Mainly because I continue to play golf when it is quite clear that I should find other persuits that I just might get good at.
          Anyhow, nice to meet you.
          Kind regards John .

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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