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      I have a wall clock with a Hermle 341-020 and I have just cleaned the movement and it is running slow. I have been trying to get the movement running correctly for the last few days. I can not seem to get it to speed up. The pendulum is as far up as it can go and still no success. I’ve changed leaders, moved the verge up and down inside the escape wheel teeth, and then started over again. Has anyone had this problem and what was your solution? Maybe I should replace the escape wheel and verge?? I’m just guessing now. Also, this is a replacement movement that I purchased through Ebay because the last Hermle movement was doing the same thing. I can’t figure it out.



        Ok I know this is going to sound bad like asking a person who says their car won’t start if it has gas. Sorry about that but I find it’s best to start simple. Does the pendulum length for the replacement movement match the old one? If I remember those 340 Hermles could be placed in mantle clocks with a very short one or in wall clocks where they used one that was quite a bit longer.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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