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      Hello, friends. can anybody tell me if this is a Hermle # or does Sligh have their own number system? 2071-850. I can’t seem to find it on a Hermle search.
      And while I have your attention, the 2071 I’m working on has a night shut off. When I put it back together like all the ones I set up, I set it at 12:00. The wheel that operates the feature has a dual purpose. One part is geared to the hour cannon and the other part is a lifting cam that holds the levers up and keeps it in warning. I think?? The lifting cam on that wheel is about 1/3 of the circumference which I think keeps it at warn for 8 hours.
      My question is, There’s a divot at about 1/3 of the cam length. I was wondering If I am supposed to line it up with the extension arm on the lever. This is what keeps the lever up during those hours. That’s where I set it and I have it on the stand now. I don’t have the gongs rods so I forgot to see what time it stopped chiming tonight. I think it was 10:30
      This picture was taken at 11:00 pm.
      I hope this makes sense.
      Thanks for your help. Danny

      bernie weishapl

        Dan I think that is a older Hermle movement but is no longer in use. I think the 1171-850 replaced it which it also has the night shut-off. I think what you are looking to do is adjust the auto night shut off. I have only did a couple of these and it was a few years back. If I remember rightly it should shut off at 10 pm and turn back on at 7 am. I will look at my Hermle books and see if I can find a procedure for setting the auto shut off and maybe a picture of it. On those movements that is where a picture is worth a thousand words. I cannot right now remember for sure how it goes but maybe can figure something out.


          Hello, Bernie. Thanks for the good answer. After watching it run for awhile I got it figured out and David Labounty gave me some good advice as well. It’s really a very simple mechanism. I was just curious about the little divot mark. It must have been put there as a reference to something. I haven’t yet been able to see what though.
          Thanks again for the response. Hope all is well with you> last time we spoke your house had been damaged. Hope you have recovered.


            Hey Dan, I have a guess at the dimple on the night shut of cam, I am thinking that if you put the hands to 12:00 (midnight) and set the dimple to the center of that lifting lever (looks like that is marked also) it may give you a certain shutoff time (as Bernie stated it may be 10pm to 7am). Just a guess, but as your thinking…it has to be there for some reason.


              Hey, William. First, let me thank you and Bob for the Hermle Course. It is the absolute best teaching I have seen in the 2 years I have been learning the trade. Most of the clocks I get are Hermle or other modern movements. I just found the course the other day and it has increased my understanding 3 fold. And being kind of loud myself, your low, calm voice is very refreshing.
              Thank you so much for the effort you put in it to make it so fantastic.
              About the 2071-850, I had the same thought. I set it up that way first. As I noted in my first post, that pic was taken at 11:00 pm (23 hours from start.) So you can see at 24 hours it would be back to 12:00 am and the divot would be in line with the center point on the lifting lever. So, I don’t know. If it comes to me during the testing I’ll let you know. Please do the same.
              Thanks a bunch, Danny.
              P.S. William, did you ever come up with a good dust cover for your test stand? The umbrella was a good one but not practical for my small space. I have a terrible dust problem. I have carpet in my room where my stand is. Not good.
              I think you really need some kind of clean room to put the clocks together and test them. Kind of like they do for race car engines. Maybe someday. God bless.


                Hey all, disciple dan here. I have an issue with this Hermle/Sligh 2071-850.
                I am just now getting it back in its case. I set it up on my stand first just to let it run awhile and found that when I try to push the lever up to turn on the night shut-off, the lever hits the center winding gears. I checked and I believe I have it on correctly. It doesn’t look to be bent at all.
                The only thing I see to try is to bend the end of the lever just a bit where it contacts the shut -off mechanism to make room for it to clear.
                Any ideas?
                Thanks again for all your help, Danny


                  Hello, all. I hope you’re all well.
                  My customer has asked me to come and change when this movement shuts off at night. I’m thinking I can unmesh that gear and turn it a little and make it shut off at 9 instead of 10. Remember how I had put that divot at the center of the lifting lever at 12 am? If I put the divot at center at 11 pm I think that will make it shut off an hour earlier. Am I thinking right? I may be thinking backward. Yeah, it’s a gift.
                  What do you think???

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