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      Next project is trying to get the 1051-830 running – triple chime, spring driven chime/strike, cable driven time train. It’s been rebushed and on my dads test stand for years.
      Disassembled, cleaned with ultrasonic and reassembled. Chime & strike train work fine. Time train will not run.
      Pendulum only moves for a few cycles and stops. Removed pendulum and verge/escape wheel turn and time train weights drop. Installed a smaller 14” pendulum and time train would run but time keeping was not accurate.
      Appears to be some adjustment in the verge but not sure of the correct procedure.
      Any suggestions on diagnostics please. Thanks


        Images of the test stand and front plate verge pivot. I don’t believe either the front plate verge pivot or suspension spring post pivots were bushed. There appears to be some play in the front plate verge pivot.
        Is it not standard procedure to rebush verge pivots?
        I am not familiar with the auto beat feature of the graham escapement.
        Will need to closely inspect the working faces of the verge and the verge pivots, along with more reading of auto beat setting for Hermle pendulum clocks.


          Review – after total disassembly of Hermle 1051-830 triple chime, cleaning and reassembly the time train would not run – wood pendulum would only swing a few times and stop. Used a smaller metal pendulum and it would allow time train to run but not keep accurate time. In addition – with no pendulum, slotted verge would cycle back & forth and time train weights would drop.

          Root cause of time train not running – wood pendulum top hook was in line-to-line contact with the test stand wood seat board. The test stand when mounted to the wall forced the wood pendulum top hook to contact the seat board (the metal pendulum was a different configuration and did not contact the seat board so it ran but due to shorter length did not keep accurate time)

          Placed a ½” wood shim behind the lower portion of the test stand and it now allows the pendulum top hook to clear the seat board – movement now runs and keeps time well!

          My lack of attention to detail – I was more focused on verge, escape wheel, verge pivots, and suspension spring. Great learning experience for this newbie. :)

          Will let it run for a few days to verify proper operation then put it away while looking for a suitable case to install it into as a future project.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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