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      I received for repair an unsigned pocket watch that someone already tryed to fix and ended messing up with the balance, hairspring and a few things more…

      Well, I just discovered that the jewel and cap jewel in the balance bridge were replaced with a single piece red thing – not sure it is a sinthetic jewel or something way cheaper (plastic?) but surely it is low quality. And the hole for the balance pivot is too big. I need to replace this thing with decent jewels.

      So I got another balance bridge with a good jewel that is a good size for this replacement… But I simply don’t know how to remove it safely! Just one chance to get this done!

      Help, please!

      Bob Tascione

        Hi pkamargo,
        From your description I’m not too clear on what type of setup you have. I’m assuming it’s an older pocket watch with hole and cap jewels set in a removable settings and that you want to remove the setting from the watch. If so you would need to use a jewel pusher or something made like one to push the settings out.

        If you take a look at the following videos you’ll see the jewel pusher in action. The second video shows the pusher being used on a train gear jewel setting but it’s the same principal.

        This first video touches on cap jewel removal. Note: you won’t need to remove the cap jewel with Rodico if you plan to remove the hole jewel setting as you can push both settings out together.
        First video: Watch Course Videos, Watch 2 part 1 then quick navigate menu to “Remv Cap Jewel”.
        Second video: Use of the jewel pusher. Watch 1 – part 2 quick nav. to Remv Jewels.
        If you don’t have a jewel pusher it’s easy to make one up. Just remember to make the face concave as shown in the video to prevent damaging the jewel.

        Hope this helps pkamargo,


          Hello Bob,

          No, the jewel I refered was the type that is directly pressed in the plate without screws, like a bushing – only the cap jewel is put in place over it with a screwed brass part… Sorry I am not that good with descriptions – next time I will remember that pictures worth a thousand words and take some.

          But well, I tryed removing the jewel the same way I would remove a bushing – hitting with a stake – and I got it out without damage.

          This watch gave me a lot of headache but at the end I successfully put it in working order.

          Thank you anyway!

          Bob Tascione

            Hi Pkamargo,
            Glad you got it sorted out. Yes those jewels are usually pressed out and in with either a staking set with a jeweling press attachment or a Seitz jeweling tool to avoid damaging the jewel and for getting the pressed depth correct. Sounds like you did a good job though so congratulations!

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