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      Can anyone here help. I am a horological novice and I am stuck trying to buy a replacement spring.

      I have just joined and started Bob’s course, i bought an old smiths time only, chrome desk clock. The main spring needs replacing and I cannot seem to find anyone who can supply a replacement of the correct size. I am not sure of the thickness, but the other two dims are 8mm x 55mm. It does not have a loop at the end, the original has the spring folded back, which is enough for it to catch.

      Can anyone direct me to a supplier?

      Many thanks


      bernie weishapl

        Have you tried Timesavers, Ronell Clock, or R & M Imports?? They are my main suppliers of mainsprings. Contact them and get one of their catalogs.



          Many thanks, I’ll try today.


          Bob Tascione

            Hey Mo,
            The sites that Bernie gave are great here in the States. I looked up your location from when you joined the course and see that you’re over in the UK so you might also want to try Cousins over there at https://www.cousinsuk.com . I know Paul (Arutha) who also lives in the UK runs into a lot of Smiths clocks but not sure where he purchases his springs from. Guessing Cousins though.

            Good luck,


              I do buy from Cousins and Meadows and Passmore although their order system is a little odd. I was quite lucky and bought a job lot of older Smiths mainsprings so have not needed to order one for a while.
              The main thing you need to measure is the thickness of the mainspring. I know on all the smiths timepieces I have worked on the mainsprings dont have a fixed loop, they are just folded back but they are rounded at the fold to fit the post. A loop end would work just as well.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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