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      Hi All

      I purchase Bobs course awhile back but dropped playing with watches for awhile . I now have picked it up again and have recently ran into a problem I can not figure out.

      I took apart and reassembled an ETA 2892-A2 movement that was 20 years old and working well. I just decided it should go through a service anyway. first mistake lol. I have service a few different type movements including a clone Chinese 2892 with no problems.

      I just purchased a timegrapher 1900 and can usually get good results, but I am not yet able to use it to analyze problems.From what I read It points to the escape wheel or the fourth wheel as the main culprits …But I went over everything and I see nothing wrong . I have taken apart and rebuild this movement 3 times with the same results. I am about to change the whole drive train part by part till I find out whats wrong . Is there an order what I should be looking to replace first second etc. Or can someone decipher these graphs and point me in the right direction.

      the next three shots are crown right, face up, face down.

      Thank You


        Hello Anthony,
        I still use an old school Vibragraph B200 and not real familiar with the newer digital units. From what I see though there is not any repeating pattern to determine that it is an escape wheel problem. That could just be a bad interpretation on my part though. It appears to have decent amplitude in all three positions so my first guess would be still in need of a very good cleaning and check that proper lubricants are being used. Important on those hi beat watches to use the correct lubricants especially when it comes down to the escapement and escape wheel teeth.

        Hope this is helpful Anthony,



          I echo what Dean is saying. High beat watches are a bit more “particular” when it comes to lube choices.
          And, the crown up amplitudes are known to be a bit slower than Dial up or down positions.
          You do want a strong 270+ whenever possible. Your dial down reading is a bit slow. I would re-clean the balance,..look for damaged /dirty pivots, then re-oil and check your readings again. Could be all it needs

          Good luck !

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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