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      I need help in finding one of these quartz seiko lady’s watches. The numbers are movement 2A22 4N1193. I was repairing my sisters watch and cannot find the case. I have put it somewhere and now can’t find it. It was a gift from her grandmother and you do not want to know what would happen to me if I can not find a replacement. I would pay any reasonable price. :( :| :|


        Ebay would be your best bet for something like this but check all the ebay sites.
        ebay.com – USA
        ebay.co.uk – UK
        ebay.de – Germany
        ebay.fr – France etc etc

        You can just tick the box for worldwide but that only works for items that sellers have listed as being available for international postage. A lot of sellers will still ship international post, just send them a msg first to check.


          Thanks Aurtha, i have this on my ebay store and have quite a few visits but no replys. Also scoured the ebay world and have found a NOS 2a22a with no date window. I have bought that at 130$ mind you, and also found a lady’s vintage dive watch 2A22 movement. Also some other movements of the same. The feeling is this watch is as scarce as hens teeth and I should be able put something together. My mistake was trying to convert another movement by changing the date ring which is unusual so now I need to get a replacement movement and case. I will post my end product if I still have my arms after my sister finds out what I have done. One big learning curve. Don’t muck around with bloody quartz if you can’t get a replacement movement well the watch is dead full stop.


            Update on the Seiko.
            Got a couple of old used 2A22A movements and got one going out of the two. Put the date rind and face to the sisters watch on and all good so far. All I need to do is find the case. i have a NOS watch coming which will do the job but I would like to find the original

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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