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      Hi all,
      Have been working on a bunch of clocks lately. Just had a person bring in three clocks and a Seiko wristwatch. Have one of the clocks going as well as the Seiko but have now ran into issues. One clock is a Junghans dated a42 which needs a mainspring and the one I’m talking about here. This clock has a bad part and I need help figuring out the maker of the clock to try and locate parts. I’m including picture of the clock including broken pinon. Rough measurements of the clock movement are: 41.1mm thick, 94.8mm wide and 108.5mm tall. The only marking on the movement seems to be a number and a cm number for the pendulum length. Any help either identifying the movement or locating the broken pinon would be much appreciated.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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