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      Hello All,
      How I got to Brazil is a long story (maybe in another post if your wondering,,,LOL)
      I moved to Brazil from Sunny Florida to live with my new wonderful beautiful wife. I have a problem, In the move here we shipped my tools to Brazil but they never arrived. It seems someone between customs and the Brazilian mail carrier needed them more than i did. Any way, My problems are the following:
      1 Does any one now of were to get tools that are willing to ship via DHL or UPS to Brazil? these are more reliable than Brazilian mail!
      2 Is there a way to make home made cleaner and rinse, They cannot be shipped air to Brazil, Cant find a supply house here in Brazil. Due to the weight of cleaning machines i will have to clean with ultra sound only and by hand.
      I have a ups and DHL account, if any one has some spaer tools they would be interested in selling that would be good as well. Most EBayers will not ship to Brazil.

      Could really use some help with this. It will be a while before i travel back to the US and Really miss the work.

      Thanks again
      Gator……….. 😥 :ugeek:

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Gator,
        I’m sure sorry to hear about those tools…ouch!!
        PKAMargo is the guy to talk with. He’s also in Brazil and probably knows all the ins and outs about getting tools over there. He’s also VERY creative when it comes to making his own tooling. I sent him an email a few minutes ago letting him know about your post so hopefully he will get some time and jump up here. I know he’s pretty busy so not sure how soon it would be.

        Also there’s a formula for watch cleaning solution in the text part of the watch course and another formula for clock cleaning solution in one of the videos in the clock course. I’ll check to see where they are and will get back to you in a bit.



          thanks Bob,
          My wife said its the first time she saw a grown man cry,,,,lol
          I lost a lot of tools and a cherished lathe as well.

          I ll wait for PKAMargo to answer.
          Again thank you for the quick response.


            Hey Bob, I am not that much busy that I can’t read an email and come here to check if I can help… ;)

            Gator, a few questions…
            -How did you ship your tools? (Priority or first class?) How much time ago? Do you have the object code?

            Well, I use to buy a lot of supplies from USA and europe and I receive everything by regular mail – the mail is really slowwww, sometimes the package gets stuck in customs… sometimes takes up to two months to arrive. But only seldom it gets lost and never arrives.
            You can use DHL or UPS, but the prices are high! Not to mention that import duties are charged over shipping cost plus package value… 60%… Ouch!

            -What tools are you in need? If you will make a list I can ckeck what you can buy here and indicate where.


              My brother sent the tools first class and there is no tracking number. The tools left the us 7 months ago. I guess they are lost. usually it only takes 30 to 45 days to get here from Florida.
              As for the tools,, I will have to start from scratch. I have nothing here. I was hoping to buy basic stuff like screw drivers, loops ,tweezers, etc here from a local supplier. I have looked on the internet and all I can find is the cheap Chinese stuff on Mercadolibre. I will also need cleaning fluid as that cant be shipped from the US by Air.
              I would like to get the basic stuff here to save on the customs fee. If you can point me in the right direction , it we be well appreciated.
              thank you for taking the time to answer. I am also happy to find some one here in Brazil that has the same interests. I am living in DF , Taguatinga and there are no if any watch repair here, everyone tells me they send the work to Sao Paulo.
              Hope you can help.
              Again Thank you for the response;

              Gator…………. :ugeek: :D


                Well after 7 months I really think there’s no chance to get that mail, sorry!

                So, here are two online stores where you can start buy the basic watch repair tools:



                On page 2 of second link you will find a cleaning solution…

                If you have difficulty finding any particular item, just tell me and I will help you.


                  And about customs fees…
                  -If you purchase from USA and item price is declared under US$50.00 it is duty free.

                  -If you purchase anywhere else around the world – UK, Germany, France, China… – it will be delivered to you duty free.

                  At least this is my experience about international orders.

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