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      I’m so happy to be here! Inherited some antique watch movements and tools from my Great Grandfather. Since I’ve always wanted to do this it’s great to have found this place to learn this fine craft! Spent a fair amount of time photographing Jewelry adverts. and catalogs thru the years. This will be a purely fun avocation for me! The inspiration expressed in this group is a wonderful thing to see! So, I’m late! Should have learned this back when i was young! And….Happy New Year to All!!!

      Bob Tascione

        Hey 4thGenJeweler good to see you up here.
        Really sorry for not responding and sending along a Happy New Year with to you but have been under the weather for the past several days.
        I saw that watch photo in your email that you sent the other day. EXCELLENT! I don’t know how you can possibly get such a beautiful product shot like that. You definitely know all the lighting and other tricks.
        Great to have you with us!
        Take care and please keep in touch,


          @4thGenJeweler wrote:

          Should have learned this back when i was young!

          I have said the same thing to myself, though now that I have turned 50 and know everything 😆 I realize I would not have had the patience for it. It also appears in my old age I am a bit slower than back in the olden days, looks like 8 days late on a happy new year.
          Welcome and great to hear from you. Have fun!!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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