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    Retired and Bored

      Hello everyone!
      I joined the ultra online horology course at learntimeonline.com this morning and am delighted. The big surprise was discovering that the course included this forum! This is exactly what I needed since as you can see from my user name I’ve been looking for somethiing to do; especially now that we are on lockdown due to covid19. I’m looking forward to following along on the forum and possibly adding tidbits here and there. I have had some watch repair training many many years ago so maybe if I can remember something from that period I can hopefully be of help sometime. I’m 74 and on social security so could also use a little extra income in the future. I’m mostly interested in learning clock repair at this time.
      Thank you for being here!
      George Howard

      Bob Tascione

        Welcome to the forum and course George!
        I hope they both help with the boredom during this lock down. I might finally find some time to spend up here on the forum too. It kind of forces us/me to slow down and spend time catching up on important things like the forum.
        Hope to see you up here a lot in the future!
        Take care and thanks for posting George,


          Welcome George,
          Good user name. Regrettably I can relate with the boredom part.
          Hope to see you up here often.
          Best, Phil


            Welcome aboard.
            Ask all the questions you want..there are many folks on here with a ton of information.
            Bob is a great teacher and the courses are fun and easy to follow ..enjoy !


              This forum was no end of help when I started out. I made some good friends here too. Although I stepped away from clock repair for a few years I have just got a workbench back up and running. It’s a great hobby and although it can be quite frustrating at times the rewards will far outweigh the frustrations. Just keep at it, ask for help and watch bobs videos :)


                Thank you very much everyone!
                I will definitely have questions and I truly appreciate the help. I hope to contribute as much as possible but I’m not too sure if I can remember much of what I learned about watches in the past to actually be of much help. Reading many of the pasts topics here at the forum seems to be kick starting my memory a little though so who knows. I’ve read many past posts by all of you who have responded to my post and ALL of you are knowledgeable and have already been so helpful!
                Again I thank you all for your help and kindness.

                Not so bored now George Howard

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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