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      I am relatively new to clock repair and this is my 1st attempt at a Grandfather clock movement. The Hermle class video sure gave me confidence.

      I just finished cleaning and reassembling my Hermle movement (Black Forest 451-050M). The strike side has 4 hammers. As they go through their paces every 15 minutes, they do not always go back fully. They will move an 1/8′, then in the next chime block, the hammers go way back before releasing. The chime barrel nubs do not seem worn, but am not sure what I should look for. Is there an adjustment that can be made that will make them pull back further each and every time?

      Joe Volz


        Hi Joe,
        I’m not sure if this applies to what you’re asking but it sounds like the striking train wheels are a tiny bit out of sync. When the strike ends the hammers shouldn’t begin lifting again until the next strike sequence begins. I don’t have a movement or diagram here to look at but most clocks are similar. The wheel with the lever lifting pins can usually be disengaged from the train; moved back a tooth and then re-engaged. This should permit the strike sequence to stop at a point before the next lifting begins. Might need to move the wheel more than once depending on how much it’s out to get it right.

        If I misunderstood your question please let me know and I’ll give it another go if I can.
        Good luck Joe,


          Vern, thanks for the reply. I removed the wheel that connects the chime train and ran hammers independently. There is a lot of play in the chime barrel, but as long as I pressed the barrel toward the hammers as I handturnedit, the hammers functioned properly. I reset the chime drive to the wheel to just after completion of the chime. I will see how it operates now.


            No matter the adjustment, the hammers stillwould not always go back fully. I took hammers off and this is what I found. The chime barrel tabs appear ok. Is the only resolve to buy new hammers?

            * First time I posted a photo. hopefully in is ok



              From the picture it appears as if the hammers are worn where the teeth strike them. I can see a groove in several which would prevent some of them from fully lifting up into the strike position. I have run into this issue several times. There are two possible solutions. Replace worn hammers or some hermle movements have another type of drum made of plastic which has wider teeth and will lift the hammers back fully as they hit the entire edge of the hammer rather than the groove. That drum may be available for your movement.
              It did appear as if there were some hammers that were more worn than others.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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