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    chris mabbott

      Hey guys, I had a few watches come a while ago so I thought I would post them and do another step by step, PARTS WILLING 🙄

      This is a 16s 992 that had the ominous aroma of WD40 coming from it. It runs and in the photos it looks surprisingly clean, but it is dirty.
      The fairly good news is that whoever had this watch, managed to restrain themselves and only spray the winder and NOT the whole movement. There is definitely a problem with winding as I almost need pliers to turn it!!

      This one was created in 1913 and one of the reasons that I chose this particular watch, it was the year before the great war, which as you know is my other hobby. history and collecting iron crosses.
      I also like the early 992 over the B model, not sure why, just more eye pleasing to me even though the 992B is a more reliable timekeeper.
      The B also has friction jewels if I remember correctly, which I don’t really understand, because on some models you have to push out both balance jewels to clean and oil. If this had to be performed regularly, which for a RR watch it would have to be, then after a few pushes, the friction properties would be lost.

      Anyhow, here it be…

      chris mabbott



          Nice looking watch Chris, look forward to seeing your progress on this :)

          chris mabbott

            Thanks Paul, me too, time and parts seem to be the issues I’m facing just lately 😮


              Nice looking watch! I love those American pocket watches, sadly I don’t have one. I should start looking for it, but they are not common on this side of the ocean.

              Looking forward to see more of this beautifull watch


              michael weaver

                I love the finish on those. It’s sad that most are covered up. It’s not like I care about the time on the other side I just want to see the pretty shiny stuff moving ;) That’s the reason I like the salesmen cases. It also sounds like you got luckier than I did in the WD-40 department.

                chris mabbott

                  I hear ya Jan, eBay is the only place but unrealistic shipping makes it impractical. Fortunately I have colleagues who come over regularly ;-)

                  Michael, yes, I feel you brother, I’m trying to figure out a way to reverse the situation on regular cases, dial at the back, beautiful, gleaming, demaskeened movement at the front LOL
                  I’m purely motivated by the visual aspect, perfect time keeping is secondary.

                  I carry a PW daily, purely for aesthetics and conversation. I’m constantly removing the case plates to show off the beauty within to my starry eyed, captive audience *_*


                    Nice watch Chris, I love those Hamilton’s and Elgin’s. I Had a couple of really clean nice running and in gold filled cases. The movements looked better than the cases and they weren’t bad at all very clean. Both 21 jewels railroad grade, regretfully needed money and sold them both to a collector here. As you know, I lost on the deal. I paid about $450.00 for the both of them and lost $50.00 + labor and parts. I still kick myself in the backside. even though I have acquired a couple more these will never be as close to me as those were. Win some-loose some. I vowed to never make another mistake like that again. (Lesson) Beware of all of the “SHARKS” out here looking to swallow-up all the guppies they can. 😡

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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