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      First off…don’t be an idiot ( as I was ! ), and try to peen the hole closed a bit on the upper safety roller on one of these. If it doesn’t fit well…it’s time to re-staff !

      OK..the safety roller is cracked beyond repair.

      The old staff is removed. A new one is polished up and ready for install.

      But I need the safety roller…Hamilton P/N 391.

      This is the upper half of the double roller setup.

      The bottom roller – with jewel, is fine

      I’m not having any luck with the parts houses..or Ebay. This part is also used on many of the 16s and some of the 18s movements.


      Anybody have one laying around ?

      I’m willing to buy the entire balance or movement from you





      Bob Tascione

        Good to see you Randy!

        I’m not near my shop to check and will be away for a couple of weeks.

        Have you tried Joel at twincitysupplies.net ?

        If not you might check with him. Often digs up difficult to find parts when others can’t.



          Thanks Bob…I’m awaiting his reply.

          Also found out that a newer P/N for this is 351010

          Take care !




            I found someone who was willing to sell me two of them.

            I chased them down after seeing that they had some a few years ago on an earlier NAWCC chat around the same issue.

            I lucked out..these are becoming very rare it seems.

            Bob,..thanks again for the referral to Joel

            Unfortunately, he didn’t have any





          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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