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      I’m new to this post but I am a member.
      My question is this: I have a Hamilton 921 (10) pocket watch. i took it apart because it was not working. My problem is two part.
      When I put the watch back together it would not wind, it did not wind in the first place but now I can hear the main spring and the large wheel
      flying around and not holding the wind. The reassembling of the barrel was very strange.
      Any feed back on what I did wrong. I guess if I fix the first part the second question will be answered and that is why the stem will not stay in.
      Thank hershal


        Hi Hershal7,
        Can you tell us a bit more,..like what you did to it when you took it apart,..clean and oil it, replace the mainspring, etc ?
        It’s sounding as though the mainspring arbor isn’t engaging the spring, so it’s slipping, grabbing, slipping, etc…, or that along with the click not stopping the barrel from unwinding.
        Those are two off the top of my head ideas…but we could use some additional info ???

        Best regards,



          I looked on auction site for a 921 movement so I could refresh my memory a bit. If watch wasn’t holding wind to begin with then either mainspring or clickspring was broken. Now I’m going to guess either the mainspring isn’t seated into barrel properly or the click spring is still broken. Is also possible that tooth off little ratchet wheel that locks mainspring barrel to prevent unwinding is broken. I would take off back and wind a bit. If ratchet wheel doesn’t engage mainspring wheel then problem is either click spring or ratchet wheel. If ratchet isn’t engaging might want to look up a movement and see how ratchet wheel looks like installed. That will show if you have broken part. After you determine ratchet and click spring are fine then look at mainspring and barrel. Center arbor could be in upside down. Mainspring could have come loose from barrel and be slipping inside. Please understand that I am just guessing and am by no means an expert just want to help as sometimes I need help myself.

          Hope I helped a bit,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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