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      Hi all
      I have a Haller & Benzing Westminster chime that will not run but it chimes and strikes okay, it is very oily and dirty, so it needs striping and servicing, but before I stripped it I checked the pivots and holes, there are a couple of slightly worn ones on the chime side but the chime was working, I also noticed that the escape wheel pivot holes had movement although not very much could this stop the clock running, as you may gather from my user name I am into Torsion clocks so this is my first three train clock and I have never done bushing before so it will be a big learning curve, the wear on the pivot hole on chime side is noticeable with wheel removed but not on the escape wheel.
      Any and all help will be much appreciated Thanks in advance Dell


        Hi Dell
        Yes any extra play in the escape pivot holes can/might cause the clock to stop. In the case of your clock a good cleaning would be the first thing to do so you can better determine the wear because dirt and grime are usually the first thing to stop or wreak havoc on a clock movements normal functioning. I haven’t been doing this for too long but I now make bushing any questionable pivot holes part of the repair process.
        Hope this is some help to you Dell



          Thanks Howard and happy new year
          I have stripped and cleaned the movement now and I am getting set to do my first bushing, I have made a device to bolt to the drill press to clamp the plate to, I have received the reamers from USA ( KWM) as I could not get them in UK for a price I was willing to pay ( ripoff Britain) , I am going to dive in tomorrow.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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