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      I need help on this one. I have a Gustav Becker wall clock that I have difficulty starting up, or getting in beat. I’m not sure of the age but it is marked R over P48. Anyway it runs fine once I find the correct beat, but each time the spring runs down and is rewound I have to find the correct beat again. This usually takes 6 or 7 tries if it happens at all, or it may take a day or two. But, once again, once it is found it runs fine until it needs rewinding. I have cleaned it, no bushings needed, reassembled twice, and played and played with it. I have made sure there is no sloppiness in the crutch also. Maybe the suspension spring? I can’t be certain about that. I have replaced the original but can’t be sure if it is the correct one. Does anyone have any ideas? Howard DeHart


        Hello Howard,
        Three possibilities come to mind.

        1. If the clock is stopping before winding is it possible that the pendulum is being pushed a little too far to start it swinging again? I know that seems too simple but I have thrown them out of beat doing exactly that far more times than I care to admit. If the movement is still running while winding then see number 2.

        2. Movement not secured well in the case. Could the movement be moving ever so slightly during the winding process? If the Becker is a dead beat then it would take very little to throw it out. Also in the case of number 1 above if it is a dead beat then the pendulum arc would be very small and going much beyond that arc to start the movement running might move you into beat adjustment territory.

        3. Three is too obvious but I’ll mention it anyway. Sinceit’s a wall clock is it aided to ‘stick’ to the wall at the bottom of the case by pointed screws grabbing into the wall or possibly even screwed to the wall?

        Hope this helps Howard

        Best, Phil


          Hi Phil, I think you have something there. The movement is secured with screws to a wood platform that slides into a grove on both sides. There are no mechanical fasteners to keep it in place as I wind it. I figured that this was as per original but maybe not. I will play with your theory and let you know what comes of it.

          Thank you, Howard DeHart


            Hi Phil, Just getting back to you. I double checked everything for any power loss due to vibration, looseness, or just some form of sloppiness. I didn’t get any positive results with that. But got to thinking about the pendulum, crutch, and escape wheel. I noticed the legs on the crutch seemed to be to close to the pendulum leader. I didn’t see any movement when the clock ticked. So I spread them apart just a tiny bit and now it has been running for 3 days. I am hoping I found the problem.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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