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      I am a brand new member and would like to know if there are any lessons dealing with weight driven movements. A probably stupid question but do I watch “clock video 1, 2…” then the animations?

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Mreynol5 and WELCOME to the forum and course!
        You will find that weight driven movements are actually easier to work on than spring driven. With spring driven movements the handling of the springs and the effect of a non-linear torque curve complicates the spring windup clock. With weight driven clocks the driving force remains constant from full wind until the weight reaches the end of it’s drop. The course covers spring driven clocks as they very common but easy to visually replace the mainspring or mainspring barrel with a sprocket wheel driven by a weight. Note here though that weight driven mechanisms can become complicated with additional components like maintaining power etc. but this can also apply to spring wound movements when components such as fusee, geneva stop works etc. are added.

        A probably stupid question but do I watch “clock video 1, 2…” then the animations?

        Not stupid at all! That’s a very good question. You’ll find that these animations are also in the clock videos so I would recommend going through the videos and when you come to the animations in the videos and feel that you need a little more detail you can always jump over to the interactive animations and mess around with them until everything sinks in. Then move on through the videos.

        Hope this helps Mreynol5


          I am watching the new Hermle class and it is EXCELLENT. Do you think William could post some pick from different angles of his home made wheel puller?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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