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      Hi all,
      Last year I retired from my old job and decided to start a watch repair business. Anyway this week I got called to look at a grandfather clock that would run and keep time but would not chime. I drove to their house and started to look over the clock. Took off the center weight and the first thing I saw was it mas clearly marked “right”. Told the owner that there was a good chance that this was his problem. He said that he asked another clock repair person who had been there before me about that and they basically told him they knew what they were doing and the weights were placed properly. I arranged the weights the way the markings called for, checked chains for freedom of movement and gave it a try. The owners face lit up when it started chiming. I told the owner that I always liked to start checking the simple obvious things and go from there. Wish I could tell the other guy who worked on this clock that it doesn’t take but a few seconds to check out whether the weights are placed properly and doesn’t hurt a bit.
      Was able to fix his clock and he gave me a number of another person who had two clocks that need repaired.


        Excellent…sometimes the thing right under our nose is the thing we cant find…Have fun. William

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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