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      Just re-assembled an 1888 Watlham size 18 pocketwatch. But discovered the mainspring is broken about 5 inches
      from it’s center beginning. Weird place to break ?
      # 3949617. I could drill a new hole in it but it would be about 3.5 inches shorter.
      Maybe for now ok to test the rest of my work but It needs a spring.
      Tips ? Any clues to get parts info ? Gonna put it all back together with the “rigged” spring
      and if it needs more work.



        Nice source for info on mainsprings.


          Post all of the Watch information..

          Model, Riverside is the Grade, post the model and I will see what my Material Catalouge shows, scan the pages dealing with it and prepare a .pdf for ya so you will have the part numbers for future reference.

          From what I have seen on my watches, in the Material Catalouge, they list the mainsprings but dimensions, not Model. Tell me the dimensions of the mainspring also and I will see what it shows as a part #


            Thanks for the reply. It’s now 3/25/11
            Since my post, I’ve snagged a new old stock spring, and it works fine.
            Much less thicker than the old one.
            Hence, more turns in the barrel. It makes it tick but temp issues are present.
            But it runs longer on a wind. Minimal jewels in this movement.
            More friction. Gotta try another one.


              Ahh… no minimal jewels…It’s a Riverside. Was thinking of another movement…

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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