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      I’m Stephen, live in Dallas, and have been setting up my shop.
      My wife and I have recycled what used to be a previous resident’s man-cave, bar and billiard room downstairs into storage space, and shops for our respective hobbies. One L-shaped configuration is my clock shop (see photo), the opposite corner I have set up for my wife’s crafts and sewing area.

      The picture shows my clock shop zone. I used the old bar and game storage area for shelving my clock projects, tools and work-in-progress.
      I can assure you the bench has Never looked so neat and clean since the picture was taken, lol!

      In the lower right of the picture of the shop, you can see the lathe base cabinet I have been building. I have now completed the cabinet, see pictures. Had fun building it.
      The lathe components were collected over time from various sources, completely disassembled, cleaned and polished. The case is by yours truly, made entirely of solid red oak. I went a little cray-cray on the finish, but what’s to expect from a retired woodworker, lol. Actually, I have always enjoyed setting up and outfitting, tooling and jigs, machines and tools as beautiful objects, and workspace design as much if not more than the work to be performed using said tools and workspaces!

      As things develop and further progress is made, I will share. Enjoy reading all your posts, and seeing what y’alls are doin’ (living In TX now, gotta get with the vernacular, lol)


        Verry nice shop and beautifull lathe arrangement. Thanks for sharing this.



          That just looks beautiful.

          Bob Tascione

            Wow great workspace Stephen and a beautiful lathe and lathe box too…you do really nice work!!

            Thanks for posting,
            Adios for now


              Hey Stephen, very nice work space. I like the way you used one board for the front, cut out and mitered the drawer front to match the design, nicely done. Unfortunately I wont be showing this post to my wife…she only gets 3 little drawers and sometimes a small corner of a bench…. :D …. Have fun, William


                Thank you all for your kind words, very encouraging to a relative newbie.

                William, we are fortunate enough to have this room in our house, and I was careful to create the same L-shaped desk configuration for my wife in the opposite corner, lol :D . She doesn’t have the open shelving, but a full-height 2-door closet, and I allowed enough space for her to park her three Elfa rolling drawer carts.
                As far as the miter detail goes, the four sides were cut and machined as If I were making a box, then the drawer front was ripped.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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