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    Many of you may have seen these, but on the chance that you’ve not – and – you need something to do if you won’t be watching the Super Bowl (right) I’m posting them.

    I think this site is of English origins and is called Web of Stories. Featuring interviews of famous people like Daniels, they post these free for posterity. Each video is around five minutes in length and for Mr. Daniels, there are about twenty of them. These are really interesting because he goes through most of his life – from early childhood during the depression, through WWII, cancer, tuberculosis, heart surgery, race cars, etc.

    I sorted them from first to last in “chronological” order. I hope they show up that way for you. If not, you can tinker a little with the search feature to get at them. If you select the “All” feature, they will play back to back for you.



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    Thanks Tom, this is a really good link. I enjoyed watching the first video’s. I am curious for what he will say about watches and his watchmaking career, but don’t have the time to continue right now :(. His book is definitely an absolute must to read for everybody seriously interested in horology.


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    Thanks Tom, I have seen a few of these and they are great.

    There’s also a movie coming out sometime this year I think, called The Watchmakers Apprentice, and it’s about he and Roger Smith

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