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      While I have aquired most of the basic watch repair tools, (screw drivers, files, tweezers, Inverto staking set, lathe, Jacot Tool, various pliers/cutters, hammers, spare parts, poising levels, depthing tool, spring winders, manual watch cleaning stuff, watch oil, clock oil, mainspring grease, oilers, etc., etc.), I will shortly be purchasing additional equipment to set up my own little home shop. Any input you can give regarding additional equipment that I might need is appreciated as I’ve never done anything like this before. (I will eventually be moving into learning clock repair as well.)

      General Shop Stuff (Not including additional lathe tools):
      1) AmScope AmScope Cordless LED Top and Bottom Lights Stereo Microscope 20X-40X
      2) L.S. STARRETT L.S. Starrett 52580 4″ 1/8″ Drive Pins
      3) Craftsman Craftsman 12” Drill Press with Laser and LED Light
      4) Craftsman Variable Speed 6″ Grinding Center (21154)
      5) Scheppach 10″ Wet Grinder/Sharpener System
      6) Commando Products, Inc. Commando Grinding Wheel Dresser with Flat Diamond Coated Surface for Truing Grinding & Deburring Wheels
      7) Craftsman 4 in. Drill Press Vise, General Purpose
      8) Trend Trend FTS/S/P 220-Grit Fasttrack Preparation Stone, Black
      9) Portable Watchmakers Vise & two Vice Bases
      10) Trend Trend FTS/S/P 220-Grit Fasttrack Preparation Stone, Black
      11) COMBINATION INDIA STONE: This stone has a fine Grit on one side and a medium grit on the other side.
      12) Mounted Hard Arkansas Stone
      13) Various Gravers
      14) Heavy Duty Magnetic Pickup Tool
      15) SWISS-MADE SAWFRAME and Blades
      16) TTC TTC Precision “V” Blocks & Clamps – Model: VBF-1 Maximum Capacity Of Vee: 1″ DIMENSIONS : 1-3/4″x 1-5/8″x 1-3/8″
      17) Gyros 93-16103 Mini Tap & Die Set w/Tap Wrench and Die Stock – 16 pcs.
      19) NEIKO Neiko Stainless Steel 12 Inch Digital Caliper with Large LCD Display – SAE/Metric Conversion
      20) L.S. STARRETT 240 Series Pin Vises – 51138
      21) Craftsman 29 pc. Black Oxide Point Drill Bit Set
      22) Promax Promax 79057 Measuring Tool Set, 6-Piece
      23) General Tools Mfg Co In General Tools 18 Round Head Protractor
      24) Adjustable Steel Shop Stool With Round Seat
      25) Ultrasonic Cleaner
      26) Various C clamps and Vice grips
      (Benches not included in the list)

      Jocot Lathe Stuff:
      2) A pure, polycrystalline ruby, without bond – Flat #220 4×1/4×1/8″ Fine
      3) Falcon Pencil Stone Holders 02Z-MSC1100



        Hi Tmac,
        after reading through a list like that it is hard to remeber what you do and dont have. You will find that as you go you will need tools for certain jobs, some can be made quite easily while others have to be bought. One thing I did notice missing was loupes? Do you have these or some form of magnification other than the scope? Pithwood and pegwood, rodico, rags. A good quality set of drill bits that go from 1mm to 6mm in .1mm increments can be very useful.


          I am with Paul on this, magnification and lighting are essential and can be frustrating in finding the best for you, I have gone thru several different types of magnification devises and I am still not completely happy, glad I have not stuck a bunch of money into something I dont like, As Paul suggested, you will find out the more important tools as you go. I am not sure what #14 is, but be careful with magnetism around watches and clocks. I have a garage full of tools from my previous business, they do some good but for the most part are useless for watch repair, if you are patient ( I am not) and start small , add as you go, I think in the end you will be happier. Also I do not know if you have worked on any watches yet but after toying with a few you will most likely get a better handle on what you really need. Blessings on your adventure, How much more fun can it be???? William



            I have virtually all of the watch repair tools (well all that I can presently afford). I just didn’t want to take up too much space listing them. But since you asked (and I’ve never put together a list for insurance purposes), here they are…

            2-work benchs
            2- bench lamps (one 3 bulb floresent, and one solid-state bulb)
            French Screw drivers (9 pc)
            1-hand made hair spring collet tool
            Stainless tweezers (7 pc.)
            1 set diamond jewelers files
            Assortment of:
            Gold filled pocket watch crowns
            timing washers
            Watch cleaning products:
            7- 1/2 pt. mason jars
            Denatured Alcohol
            Tincture of green soap
            Distilled water
            Beutane torch
            Alcohol lamp
            1 – Stainless steel divider
            2 – stainless steel compasses
            1 dial brush
            1 set General nylon brushes
            1 brass brush
            Jewel hole feeler gauges
            Mainspring Dennison gauge
            2 movement size gauges
            Deuxieme gauge
            Art brushes (natural hair)
            Pocket watch bow mandrel
            Vintage pocket watch bow milling machine
            Pithwood logs
            Boxwood saw dust
            Peg wood
            Bench vise
            Eye glass frame with 2 lopues – 20x
            2-5x lopues
            2-10x loupes
            2-20x loupes
            Loupe holding head band
            Head set magnifier
            Safety glasses
            3 small brass cleaning baskets
            Auto parts drying basket
            Dremel 4200 with extra attachements
            Assortedplastic parts containers
            2 jewelers Polishing cloths
            2 chrome plated poising tools with built in level (Levin)
            Crystal remover with holder
            Plunger type roller remover
            C&E roller remover (for staking set)
            H&R duplex roller remover
            Bergeon No. 2810 roller remover
            Plunger type cannon pinion puller
            2 – vintage brass movement holders
            6- various size movement holders
            Various cup type movement holders
            Case dent remover block and hammer
            Mashall mainsrping winder
            2 – vintage K&D vise held mainspring winders
            Screw driver blade sharpener
            Graver sharpener
            Vintage balance screw undercutter tool
            Non-powder surgical gloves
            Watch paper
            2-glass movement covers
            Presto hand remover
            Presto pinion remover
            Various styles of watch hand removers
            Lever hand remover
            Vintage Shellac warmer
            6 prong jewel wrench
            10 prong slever wrench
            1 set – vinatge crown reamers
            1 set – vintage crown taps
            Set of six bench keys
            Small India stone
            3 way sharpening oil stone (course/medium/fine)
            Honing oil
            Mylar dial protectors
            Xacto blades holders and saws
            Vairious Pin vises
            Rubber caseBezel remover
            Moebus Watch oil, clock oil, and mainsrping grease
            Swiss metal oilers (5 sizes)
            Assortment of watch crystals
            Assortment of mainsprings
            Small and regular balance wheel calipers with wrenches
            Stainless dental mirror
            Stainless dental probe
            3 bench blocks
            1 brass balance tack
            Vintage French watch depthing gauge
            Vintage brass counter sink and burnisher set
            Jacot lathe
            1-burnishing file
            1- handmade burnisher
            Large bottle of One-Dip
            3in1 Oil
            Pentrating oil
            Plastic syringe with 30 gage needle
            Levin lathe
            Various brass rods stock
            Various Starrlett collets
            RDGTool 4 way chuck
            2 dead center collets
            1 drill chuck collet
            3 way slide
            1 end plate
            1 rubber mallet
            2 jeweler sawS and blades
            3 vice grips pliers
            2 rubber work mats
            1-Set micro twist drills (.3mm – 1.0mm)
            Various pliers and cutters
            1 vintage watch hand holder pliers
            Specialty vintage bow pliers
            Bew bow closing pliers
            2 Inverto staking sets
            17 Inverto (pretty complete)
            18B Inverto with jeweling attachement (Complete)
            Assortment of sandpaper squares
            1-foot/inch calculator
            1pk each – steel and brass pivot rods

            Reading/Video materials:
            The Watch Makers Lathe by Ward Goodrich
            Practical Watch Repairing by Donald de Carle
            The Watchmakers Staking Tool by George G. Lucchina and Archie B. Perkins
            TM 9-1575 War Dept. Technical Manual Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches,and Clocks
            The Pocket Watch Restoration Maintenance, and Repair by Christopher Barrow
            Watch Crown Manual by Henry B. Fried
            Proper Use of the Watchmakers Graver By William J. Bilger
            The Top 300 Trade Secrets of a Master Clockmaker by J.M. Huckabee
            Bestfit Genuine Swiss Material Guide Book
            Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements – E. & J. Swigart Co.
            Tascione Ultimate Video Series
            Master WAatchmaking – Chicago School of Watchmaking
            The Watch Repair Course by John Tope
            Clockmaker Watchmaker Basics by John Tope
            Fundamentals of Watchmaking – Elgin Watchmakers College Watch Repair Course Mike Barnett
            The Watch Repairer’s Manual, Henry B Fried, 1973, Watchmaker, Repair Book
            The Jacot Lathe (AWCI) DVD – by Ron DeCorte


            So, the first list is really sort of shop like stuff – tools like Bob used in his Learn to Turn vids.

            david pierce

              look at all of the Youtube videos, and other internet sources, of seasoned professional watchmakers and check out their set ups. Also look at adds for watch repair shops such as BOWERS in Atlanta Georgia and look at their repair benches. My impression is that the longer these guys work on this stuff, the fewer tools they actually use. Since I am an incurable gadget freek that certainly takes all of the fun out of it for me. That is probably why I never see any of these guys smiling.

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