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      I have created a video on using/installing fusible belt on my peerless lathe. It should work for other lathes as well. Also here are the instructions that I used in the video. It works perfectly for me and it will work for you too !!

      I am using 4mm belt on my lathe. I purchased this belt on eBay.

      Search “12 Feet Transmission Belt for Watchmaker Lathe” on eBay

      Fusible Belt Instructions

      1. Measure and cut the belt using the lathe pulleys as a guide. Belt should be tight with no slack. ENDS SHOULD BE
      SQUARED!!(Use a pair of diagonal cutters)
      2. Place belt around headstock pulley.
      3. Using my portable vise, I placed an old butter knife standing up in the vise. (Don’t use one your other half will miss…)
      4. Heat the knife with a torch but NOT glowing hot. Temp approx 575 degrees. (Just to red then let cool a bit…)
      5. After heating, place each end on one side of the hot knife.
      6. Slide the melty ends off the blade together and push / wiggle / twist a bit to remove air.( Try to keep ends
      even…Takes practice)
      7. HOLD IN THIS POSITION TILL COOLED A BIT!!(Then let cool a bit more..)
      8. Trim flush using small diagonal cutters or nail trimmer. (Very important. If you do not trim flush, belt breaks…I am not
      sure why but it does…)

      Put your new belt on and RUN IT!!

      This is the ONLY method of fusing that worked for me!! I tried making it melty with a lighter, heating till both ends were liquidy, and all of that failed. The knife melty works great!! Again, get the knife hot but NOT GLOWING!!

      Video can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/UOOQSaT0qZI

      Jim B.
      Cedar Ridge CA.

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