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      I really love BunnSpecial and this is really one of the best youtube watch repair vids that I’ve seen. If you’ve watched Bob’s watch repair videos you will cringe when you see this. BunnSpecial is very inovative and usually follows good practice. However, this is a good example of why one should use the correct tool. While he eventually gets everything complete, he states up front that he isn’t using the correct procedure or tool; surprisingly, he actually knows the correct procedure but goes ahead anyway (I’ve done that a few times.). As I said, this guy is soooo funny and I really learned a lot from him and I REALLY love watching his videos. Unfortunately, this is one that you should use as a negative example (can you say: where’s the stump?). Honestly, I am a kindred spirit with this guy. ;)

      DISCLAIMER: There is some adult language and passing of various bodily gasses in this four vidoo set. :D


      This is one of four….

      chris mabbott

        The Bunn is a blast, I love this guy and like you Tom, I watched these vids a few years ago and they inspired me to get off my Bunn and get my watches going.
        He has the cojones to publicly FU and he really enjoys what he does, I’m sure he has inspired a lot of people like us to pick up the radio shack screwdriver set and start exploring..BUURRRP forgive me 😆


          Maybe I can watch it with the sound down, so I don’t have to hear the language! 🙄 😆

          bernie weishapl

            I was like you Peggy. I have heard it all but would rather watch than listen when he erupts.


              😆 😆 😆 😆 :D

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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