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    john baker

      I am trying to repair Jappe Perez French clock. Sorry if I got spelling wrong. The problem is that if the clock strikes on either the hour or half hour, the minute hand is past the 1/2 or hour mark. I am sure I lined up all the timing marks correctly. I would love some help on this please.


        Hello John
        I ran into the exact same problem a couple of weeks ago so maybe I can help.
        If it’s all setup correctly then it might be one of two things. The first one which seems too simple but was a problem that I had with a prior American time only clock was that I had the minute hand on upside down! Really, it was that simple but took me forever to figure it out.
        The second clock was a newer mantle clock. Turned out that the hand had slipped a little on the square collet it is mounted on. I just put a square jewelers file in the square hole and turned the hand backward a little and that took care of the problem! Seems they are frictioned on and actually adjustable. At least this one seemed that way. Have a little background in watches but fairly new at clocks so don’t know if they are meant to be adjusted this way but worked for me with no damage to the hand.
        Good luck and hope it helps, George Howard ( a lot less bored now!)

        john baker

          Hello and thanks for your help. Your ideas did help. I found another solution, this might be of use to you in the future. What I did was to lift the cannon pinion, that holds the minute hand and advanced it one notch. I think I tried it backwards and forwards till I got it right. Cheers John

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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