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    james burrows

      I have a bentima mantle, chimes westminster and whittington with floating balance and its losing time I was told to regulate it using the 3 prongs on the top i tried this by holding the balance wheel and tried to turn the spider but it doesnt seem to move any help please James


        Is it possible to post a pic James? Sometimes the regulators can be stiff as they have not been touched for quite a few years but would like to see a pic just to be on the safe side if at all possible.

        james burrows

          Paul, hope this picture has gone through ok thanks James


            Hi James, here is a past thread that has a PDF on the floating balance, might help you out. look in general discussion for “Clock with balance escapement” Yes those @james burrows wrote:

            3 prongs on the top

            are to regulate, make sure you start the balance wheel past 180 when starting the beat, it will also help to make sure it is in beat with the little lever at the to of the coil spring, but all that info should be in the PDF. Have fun!!!! :D William

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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