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      I found a set of good short videos on removing and replacing friction fit jewels for mechanical watches. I found them very informative. Here’s the link for part 1 of 2.




        Nice find! It is amazing the info out there on the interweb. Can you imagine what the poor horologists had to go through before its invention, unless you had someone to teach you I think it would have been a case of buying every single book you could find to try and learn how to do some of this stuff.


          Thanks Tom, how come when I do something like this it takes forever? these guys make it look too easy. I think going thru the process and having a good system in place, of course lots of practice. oh, also to keep myself from serious depression not to compare myself to anyone else, it is possible someday it will go smoother. I am kidding a bit but I think learning these things can be very frustrating. That is a whole other topic. William



            One thing about these videos is that the author states in the second video that you should set your micrometer in the first video BEFORE you push out the jewel. I think this is a very importatnt point for those of us who are beginers. ;)

            Just FYI…

            david pierce

              In those days there was an abundent supply of accessable and affordable watch schools. Judging from what I have seen in the CHICAGO SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING curriculum these schools were quite good. There were also many watch repair schools in colleges. Today, there only a few of them left and they are in large part funded by SWATCH, ROLEX. and a few other large watch factories. Their agenda is largely to provide a supply of technicians to work in factory repair centers disassembling, cleaning and reassembling, with an occasional part replacement provided by the factory that owns that particular service center. These companies will not release repair or replacement parts to anyone outside of their repair centers. Mark Lovick commented on this on one of his videos in the comment section. They won’t even sell parts to him.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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