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    Hi All,

    Any advice on size and brand that I should look for to start working on my first wristwatch?


    Also, what size?

    I’m planning to start on a manual wind, and want to start tinkering with something as inexpensive as I can.

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    I would pick up a older Elgin, Bulova or major brand simply for parts availability, but before you start on wrist watches, I would spend time learning on pocket watches, get a couple working older ones, then just take them apart, clean them and re-assemble them, over and over, until your able to take all of the parts and place them into one container and reassemble it. Because at some point, defecation occurs and your going to have to do just that.

    Also acquiring the hand skills working on a larger pocket watch makes transition to wrist watches easier, as the parts are smaller, and can be more frustrating

    bernie weishapl
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    Ditto what Steve said. When I started 30 or more years ago as a apprentice my mentor started me on 18 s pocket watches till I could tear them down and put them back together blind folded so to speak. Then he dropped me to size 12 going smaller each time I had one mastered. Worked for me and made it a lot easier.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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