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      Forgive me, I have seen way more complex repairs on this site, but it’s my first so I wanted to share.

      I bought an old used CuKoo clock for my daughters birthday. When it arrived the top part of the bellows on both sides were torn to shreds. I bought repair tops on ebay, but before installing I checked the movement and it refused to run. (Pendulam did not run) I found the time chain had jumped off the wheel. I got my tools out to remove the movement from the case, when a thought occurred that maybe I could invert the clock and fish for the wheel with the train. To my surprise it quickly worked. I reinstalled the bellows and found the left bellows did not open up far enough and stopped the running of the Cukoo sound. I adjusted the length of the connecting wire and it now sits in my daughters room ticking and CuKoo’ing.

      Fast question, how should the shipper have shipped the clock to prevent the Bellows self destructing and the chain falling off the spocket wheel?

      Thanks for listening



        2nd first

        the chains should have been tied with some type of wire just below the base of clock

        1st—if it was used the bellows were most likely torn when you purchased it. However cong. on your repair job


          I get it. The chains should be pulled down so they are firmly on the gear and then tied on the outside of the clock?

          The bellows you don’t maybe think opened and closed in transit then broke from getting bounced around? Although I admit when I remove the bellows the fabric was very delicate and would just disintegrate when touched. The new belows are a lot more firm


          Bob Tascione

            Hi Ted and welcome to the forum,
            Yes as Garyk706 pointed out. If the chains are fastened from the outside of the case this will keep them from jumping or falling off of their sprockets.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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