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    keith blackham

      I just wanted to ask where the best place would be for me to get hold of some faulty clocks and watches to practice on as I am learning clock and watch repair’ I am thinking about ebay but not really sure’ so just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this. I have only just started the online clock and watch repair course. I have looked around the site and I think it looks really great and very interesting Bob as done a really good job which I admire thanks Bob.

      Kind regards



        Hi Keith,

        I bought a buy on eBay with 3 pocket watches. 2 of them are working but need a service and 1 doesn’t work which i’ll leave for last, have the other 2 to practise on first.

        I’m sure other guys will give you ideas on where to look as well.


        Bob Tascione

          Hi Keith and thanks for joining the Online course and the forum!

          I’m happy to hear that the course looks good to you. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it.
          You know…I probably know less than most up here about where to find good stuff to work on. I haven’t purchased anything for quite sometime. From what I hear from others though you are right on about eBay. It seems to be the best place around. Maybe others will ad their ideas. Actually being in the UK I would have thought that you were in the perfect place to find good stuff. I use to purchase much of my clocks and watches from friends in the UK…but that was quite a while ago….how quickly things change.
          Anyway, this post was probably of zero value to you but at least I got the chance to welcome you up here!

          Take care Keith and thanks again,

          keith blackham

            Thanks guys I will give ebay a go and see what there is on there regarding clocks and watches for sale’ just really want somthing to pratice with’ I used to have a load of faulty clocks and watches some years ago but they got thrown out because I never had a clue how to repair them at that time. Anyway I shell get back to studying the course and then have a browse on ebay. Thanks again for your help.

            Kind regards



              We began working out of an indoor flea market, and have now moved to an indoor mini mall. Broken clocks come to us. Some are “undoableas far as repair is concerned, so those are available for parts or practice.” Some are put together and sold. We sometimes pay a small amount for the clocks, and sometimes clocks are donated “because they were cleaning house or garage.” I occasionally (not every week) pick up clocks at yard sales or other flea markets that have potential, often for a dollar. I bought a beautiful grandfather clock at a charity yard sale for $10 and sold it for $300. Changes needed were mostly cosmetic.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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