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      No, Bob hasn’t paid me to put this up but if you are a guest viewing the forum I strongly recommend you get the course. Its easy enough to buy books on clock and watch repair but it makes life so much easier when someone shows you how to do it. The videos are brilliant and if like me you are just starting out this should be the first tool you should buy, it will save you money as Bob shows which are the best tools for the job and how to use them. Then if that isnt enough you get to join in on this great forum and he even takes the time to answer your questions. You wont regret it!


        Hello Arutha, New to the forum here but not to watch repair. Attended Bulova School of Watchmaking back in the early 60s and worked as a watchmaker for a few years until changing career direction. Dabbled with it off and on over the years as a hobby and decided once again to jump back in for something to do in retirement. Quickly discovered how much I had forgotten and how rusty I had become. Found Bob’s course online a few weeks ago and decided to join the ultra course — couldn’t pass up the special he was offering– I wanted to see if it would jog my memory and help clear out some of those cobwebs. The course worked its magic quickly and I am now back. This forum also has a happy have fun no mud slinging attitude which was a big unexpected plus. Nice people that treat each other as friends and where all questions are treated as important. I wasn’t even aware that a forum was included with the course!
        Very helpful course and forum and I also recommend it highly Arutha, and Bob if you are listening thanks for putting some joy back in this old guys retirement 8-)


          Hi Peter,
          nice to have you join us :)
          This is a very friendly forum with great people on here. Glad to see you got stuck right in with a post, a person with your experience would be a welcome addition to any horology forum. The course is great, very well thought out and like you have noticed the forum is just an added bonus, I was amazed that Bob takes so much time to answer our questions and will happily look up information for us. If we can be of any help please dont hesitate to ask questions and by all means help out if there are questions you can answer.
          Look forward to seeing your future posts.
          All the best,


            I have been a member since 2010. I took a break due to my move sunny Florida to Ah well,,,, Brazil. It is very frustrating here. But the thing i still have access s to this forum and also the course material that Bob puts out.
            Not only is the course here the best by far of any others on the net, But Bob shows a sincere attitude abut helping newbies as well as pros. The people on this forum are real down to earth and show a willingness to help. Even Bob answers on many questions!
            So if your new or been wound around the main spring ,,,, this is the place to be.
            Thanks to all and a special thanks to BOB!!!!

            Gator….. 8-) :D

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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