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      Let me preface this… I just started watch repair as a hobby. I’m excited to learn and do…
      I have a Illinois Marquis Autocrat 12s 17j.
      I’m pretty sure I need a stem/sleeve, just haven’t figured it out yet….

      But when i have it face down it keeps time perfect, but I turn it face up is stops instantly.
      I’m curious as to why this is (Pretty sure gravity is part of it…..yeah….. )

      So, I am a noob, a rookie, feel free to tease.


        That sounds to me like a broken balance staff. I am not a watch expert but In most cases with this type of fault one of the pivots has broken on the balance staff and because it runs face down I would take a look at the bottom pivot. Balance staff replacement is not a job you will be wanting to start off with, might be worth putting this one away for a while a finding something that just needs a service?I am going to stop here as one of the watch guys here will be able to help you further.

        Bob Tascione

          Welcome to the forum Welsh91!!
          Yes I agree with Arutha about the broken staff pivot. Also check that the cap jewel is still in good shape and also that it’s not loose. There are other things that can cause this problem but the most common culprits are the staff and cap jewel. If those are in good shape then please let us know and we can go from there.
          Oh, one more thing to check is that the balance cock is seated and tightened all the way down (just in case).
          Good luck Welsh91 and again Welcome!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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