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      Hi Everyone,
      I have recently been working with a Rado wristwatch with an eta 2836 movement. When I got it winding stem would not stay in watch and balance was broken. Finally determined that there was a yoke in the setting mechanism that had a fish hook like end on it but the hook was broken off. Found another balance and yoke and got watch running with stem staying in. Watch will run fine now and I can set time and quick set date but winding pinion clutch doesn’t seem to engage winding pinion properly. Lever that moves clucth is properly installed and spring from setting bridge is set properly to apply pressure where needed. Will try again this coming weekend just thought I would let people know what I’m trying to work on now. I’m actually wearing the Rado now as the automatic part works fine. Just been wanting to experiment a bit on an automatic.

      Bob Tascione

        Thanks Marc,
        Please let us know how it turns out and what the problem was.


          Starting to be another puzzle. Have taken it apart and put together twice today. Once from dial side then later took off barrel plate to see if something was jamming clutch. Still sets and advances date but will not manually wind. Have also taken parts off donor movements and rebuilt setting mechanism on a seperate plate. That one seems to work fine. Am now working on assumption that one of the parts I am using is slightly bent and I’m not good enough to see it. I will replace parts with ones I have working on spare plate and see what happens. Will keep trying to figure it out


            Hi All,
            OK today I replaced setting parts on watch with parts I had set up on non working watch. Found a fairly odd problem. Stem and clutch that came with watch were not exactly the right parts. I put clutch from the non working watch into the one I had running. When I did that the stem that should have fit would not. Clutch would not fit onto stem. Replaced stem with another and took signed crown off non fitting stem and put on new stem and now everything works fine. Now on to my next project. Guy from work brought me two watches to work on. An old Seiko quartz that needs battery and crystal. (Already got that taken care of) Other watch is old Benrus automatic that is missing second hand and doesn’t run all the time.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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