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    Hi Guys,
    I need some feed back: what is the simplest way to straighten teeth on a escapement wheel. I feel this is the problem with my ansonia movement.
    Mark R.

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    The answer is going to depend on whether the teeth are bent parrallel to the arbor or perdendicular to the arbor.

    bernie weishapl
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    I got a pair of flat nose pliers that I grip the tooth as deep as I can and apply light pressure pulling outward at the same time. Once I have the teeth straight I put it on my lathe to make sure they are all the same length. If not I top the wheel. The other thing is for about $210 you can buy a webster Escape Wheel Tooth Straightener. I opted for the flat nose pliers. Either way the teeth are bent a flat nose will take care of it.

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    Bob shows how to do this in his video with smooth jawed pliers. I had to draw a tooth out recently as it was short. I wrote a quick explanation in the “Hints and Tips section.

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