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    david pierce

      Arutha and Alan,
      In the 1980s I sold three of our machines to a company in Birmingham England called Magneti Marelli. The factory was the Lucas electrical automobile compinents plant before Magneti Marelli took over. Each night after work I would go to various pubs and drink large quantities of English beer. The one I liked the best was called THIGSTONS OLD PECULAR. It was a dark almost sirupy delicious brew that may have been brewed in the basement of the pub. It has only been in recent times that high caliber micro brews have been available in the USA. I gained 35 pounds in 6 weeks drinking that stuff. I sure miss it.


        Hi David,
        I am not a big drinker, I do have a Jack Daniels and coke when I am playing in the band but I have never been a fan of beer. Some of those old ales are very popular. I did when I was younger visit a place in South London and drank several pints of “Old Wallop”. It was warm and slimey which is supposed to be a sign of a good ale! They do have small beer festivals here where you can try 30 different old ales, the do cider festivals too. “Old Speckled Hen” is another popular beer which a lot of pubs keep in stock


          David,Paul, Slimmy and worm should not be used in the same sentance with beer. Here in the U.S. that just means that the beer is really old 😥


            The wife and I spent a lovely month in a cottage in the Cotswolds almost two years ago now.

            Hit many pubs in England and Wales…and enjoyed a lot of good local brews.
            While I grew fond of Hook Norton,…I always gravitated back to Guinness…after a few,..I found my head down,..staring at my watch…I guess that’s normal after too much.

            There, I’ve had a discussion on good beer, and watches…didn’t want to leave horology out of the conversation on this blog LOL !!!!!!!!

            Best to all,


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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