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      Good Morning Folks,

      I still consider myself a new student even though I joined a while back.My journey has been a fascination of old mechanical clocks. Found a Ridgeway mantle clock, then a Howard miller Mantle Clock.Then one Gustav Becker wall clock,then two..three..My GB’s I’ve learned to do basic cleaning and oiling. All are happily ticking away learning to get them into beat. Moved from a 3 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom garden apt, my loving wife gave me all the walls to our second bedroom and I’ve pretty much filled them.

      While my comfort zone has been general I have been able to save many of my clocks due to suspension spring issues. Bent or broken. I apologize for rambling on…Now to the point. I love Grandfather clocks, older models especially. Came across an older GF clock called an Embee MFG approx 1930? mfg by Matthias Bauerle ? Was able to purchase for a song as the clock was not working the owner was going to toss. Parts scattered, Movement in one box, weights and pendulum in another.Seemed like everything was there with the exception of the suspension spring.. Found one at Merrits and after an hour was ready to try..She kicked off and has been ticking away since last night (about 10 hours). Time wise about +,- 4 minutes.

      To be sure nowhere near near finished.You guys are far more experienced than me , but if you remember when your first major clock project and the clock came back to life.. major inspiring…not a business yet just a passionate hobby..

      With that said.. cannot find any information on the Embees.dates serial number references..what the two slide metal levers on each side of the back movement..Any help in any direction would be most appreciated.

      Thank you all in advance

      Jack L
      Philly,PA 🙄

      bernie weishapl

        From what I can tell it is made in Germany and I found this.

        Mathais Bauerle was from St. Georgen in the Black Forest
        region of Germany.

        His Business started as a small home operation founded in
        1863. Changed to a large scale assembly plant for clock
        movements for all mantel and hall (1880). A little before
        1922 Bauerle regestered a trade name of “PEERLESS” as a
        maker of clocks, mechanical calcualtor, technical clocks
        and pocket watches. In 1924 he registered the trade maker
        of “EMBEE” as maker of all types of clocks and mechanical
        office equipment which was registered for an unknown reason
        in 1938.

        German designer Mathias Bauerle, who worked in the Black Forest
        region of Germany from 1924 to about 1935, stamped his clocks with his
        company’s insignia “Embee.”

        That is all I could find in books that I have. I know it is not of much help but sometimes that is all we have. Also without seeing a picture of the back of the movement those levers might be to shut the chime and strike off and on.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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