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      I have an elgin pocket watch that has a little lever on the side, now its definitly not a lever set pocketwatch because I have a hamiton pocket watch that is lever set and I can easily access the lever when I take the crystal off, but with the elgin its not easily accessable and plus you can set the time no matter if the lever is up or down. So I was wondering what that lever is used for? Thanks

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Chaplin37,
        The lever you are most likely referring to is used to disengage the setting mechanism from the rest of the movement when the movement is out of it’s case.
        Here’s why this is important:
        When a negative setting movement such as your Elgin is in it’s case and the stem depth is adjusted correctly the movement will be held in the winding position by the stem. If the stem is removed from the case (removed from the movement) the watch will move into the setting position.
        This is all accomplished through the interaction between the stem, shipper lever, shipper spring, shipper and clutch. When the stem is clicked out to the setting position the shipper spring (which is always exerting tension on the shipper) drives the shipper which in turn drives the clutch forward, shifting the mechanism into the setting position. Being in the setting position results in excess drag on a running watch as the mechanism is trying to turn the entire setting assembly…as well as the stem and crown if they are installed. This can cause problems for a running watch. When a movement is out of its case it’s difficult to test or time it when it’s in it’s normal set position. Pulling this small lever out pulls the shipper and in turn the clutch back, disengaging the winding/setting assembly from the rest of the watch. The watch can now run and be tested completely free of this extra load just as it would be when in it’s case.
        It’s a little but very helpful lever when it’s needed.
        Hope this is helpful Chaplin37,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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