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    michael ciskowski

      Does anyone have experience with the drill press bushing tool? Several suppliers carry it and at $162 would be a substantial savings over the $800 plus tools. Thank you for your advice. Mike

      Drill Press Bushing Tool Adapter
      Bushing tool adapter for a drill press. Includes two plate clamps with floating heads to prevent damage to soft brass clock plates, horizontal slide, mounting bolts, reamer adapter, centering point and anvils. Reamers are not included. Uses American/KWM & bergeon reamers. Made in the USA.
      Pricing: $162.50


        I have not used the drill press bushing tool though a hand operated bushing machine would be very similar in function if you set it up right, everything is stable and your drill press is fairly tight. Accuracy is critical….Only main thing I would consider when using a drill press set up would be the speed…probably want to work the spindle by hand somehow. Also, reamers can be costly, if I remember they can be $15 – $20 each so that can add up with the cost of the adapter. Keep an eye out for a used bushing machine, might find one with all the goodies for a decent price.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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